• Ray Viera

    Ray Viera was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. During his childhood he grew up listening to the recordings of the great "Soneros", such as Hector Lavoe, Ismael Rivera, Ismael Miranda, Chamaco Ramirez and Marvin Santiago. Collectively, these artists inspired Ray to pursue his goals, combining their musical influences into his own vocal style and sensibility. At the age of 11, Ray was sent to live with his father in the "Barrio" of Philadelphia. Where he was exposed to many other musical genres. Although he lived outside of his native Puerto Rico, he never lost his cultural roots and musical influences. Ray has worked with many Latin music legends, including Johnny Pacheco, the late Celia Cruz, Yomo Toro, Adalberto Santiago, Papo Lucca, Justo Betancourt, Eddie Palmieri, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Jimmy Bosch, Chino Nunez and many other greats. He recorded his first album for ATI Records in 1997 produced by Johnny Pacheco with Jovanny Diaz and his Orchestra.

    Ray has logged over 20 professional recordings where his discography includes background vocals in various genres, including the soundtrack of an Off-Broadway musical entitled "Quien Mato a Hector Lavoe" starring Domingo Quinones, that would later become a major motion picture starring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony titled “El Cantante”. He sang background vocals for the late Celia Cruz's Grammy winning "La Negra Tiene Tumbao", her final CD; both Eddie Palmieri's 40th anniversary CD, "La Perfecta II" (Grammy nominated) and "Ritmo Caliente", and is the lead singer in Johnny Pacheco's 50th anniversary CD "Entre Amigos"(2004). He also participated in Ricky Gonzalez's "Oasis", singing lead in the songs "Timbalero" and "Ya Era Tiempo". Over the years, he has toured throughout the United States, Africa, Mexico, South America and Europe.

    While striving to realize his dreams, he has continually performed with intense passion and emotion. Many consider Ray one of the new generation of artists who can blend the traditional style of singing with the flexibility of a crooner and a progressive, modern outlook. After many years of being in a background role to some of Salsa’s greatest legends, Ray released his debut album, Aqui Esta Ray Viera in 2002. He shows his talent as composer in songs like "Lo Mio Es Cantar", "Borinquen y Cubanacan", and "Corazon Cerrado". He also composed "Tun Tun Suena El Tambor" in Spanish Harlem Orchestra's Grammy award winning album "Across 110th Street". Ray has been a lead singer for the legendary Johnny Pacheco's Tumbao Añejo since 1998. In 2007 Ray released “TROMBAO which he produced and composed nine of the ten songs. “TROMBAO” made it to the second round of the Grammy nomination process in 2008. Ray Viera y Trombao presented its latest work to the public that provided a cultural blending of rhythm that is bursting with Caribbean flavors titled "SAMBUMBIA RADIOACTIVA" in 2013. In 2020 he released a single titled "Si No Tiene Dinga".

    Today, Ray Viera is taking his talents to the production side and continuing to compose for various projects.

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